Black Forest Tarts

Gather the ingredients - * Oreo crumbs * Butter * Heavy cream * Chocolate * Cherries * Vanilla extract

Add the oreo crumbs and melted butter to a medium bowl and mix to combine.

– Divide the crumbs between the four tart shells and press them into a smooth, even layer on the bottom and sides. – Bake the tart shells for 6 minutes.  Then allow the tart shells to cool.

– Add the chopped chocolate and cubed butter to a heatproof bowl. – Warm  the heavy cream until steaming.   Pour the cream over the chocolate and butter and allow it to sit for 1  minute. – Add the vanilla and whisk the ganache until smooth.

Divide the ganache between the four tart shells and top with a few pieces of halved fresh cherries.

– Place the tartlets in the fridge to chill until the ganache has set - about 3 hours. – To serve, top the tart with whipped cream and fresh cherries.  Garnish with chocolate shavings and enjoy.

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