Dinner Made Easy with Sweet Earth

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Dinner Made Easy with Sweet Earth

Dinner can be really difficult to get on the table some nights and I love having options ready to go in my freezer.  Since I started living a vegetarian lifestyle, it has been so much more difficult to find convinence products to have on hand that I can feel great about or that have any flavor at all!

Recently, I discovered Sweet Earth products at Target and I feel in love immediately.  Their products all sound so incredible and are all plant-centric! So many of their meals are inspired by the flavors of the world while also being high in fiber, protein, and nutrients plus, they are vegetarian or vegan! You can find their products nationwide by finding a store HERE!

I decided to try 5 of their products – the Mindbender Quesadilla, General Tso’s Tofu, Aloha BBQ Quesadilla, Korean Japchae, and the Brazilian Burrito.  Learn more about all of their products HERE! Pictured above is the Mindbender Quesadilla which was made from savory tuscan grounds, sauteed mushrooms, poblano peppers, garlic, and pepper jack cheese.  Going in, this was the one that I was the most unsure whether I would like it or not but in in the end, it ended up one of my favorites! The combination of flavors was so fantastic!

The Aloha BBQ Quesadilla was the other quesadilla that I tried and it was made with made with BBQ savory grounds with pineapple, pinto beans, jalapeno peppers, and vegan cheddar cheese.  It really reminded me of all of my favorite flavors from a hawaiian pizza and it was great! Something I loved was the savory grounds in it that really gave it the texture of meat while still being vegetarian-friendly.

Now my personal favorite was the Brazilian Burrito.  This one was made from black beans, chimichurri sauce, brown rice, and savory tuscan grounds.  This was honestly the best burrito I have ever had and I absolutely loved it!

Next up, I tried out their Korean Japchae.  This had actually been something I had wanted to try making for quite a while now but never had the ingredients or the time so this was a fantastic way to try it out.  It took just a few minutes to make and was made from yam noodles, red bell peppers, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, and green onions.  It was so delicious and super up my alley!

Last up, I tried their General Tso’s Tofu.  This was a zesty meal made with tofu, brown rice, broccoli, and red bell peppers.  The tofu was prepared in a way that gave it loads of flavor that even non-vegetarians would love!

Overall, I honestly really enjoyed Sweet Earth products and I can’t wait to try even more of their options in the future such as the Kyoto Burrito and the Moroccan Empanada.  They will definitely continue to have a place in my freezer! Make sure to check them out at Target and follow them along on social media at @sweetearthfoods.

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