Bishop Baraga Shrine

Driving down US-41 between Baraga and L’Anse in the UP (Michigan, USA), there is a strange sight.  One one side of the road, a gorgeous bay off Lake Superior.  On the other, a strange statue of what looks to be an angry man riding on octopus on top of a cliff.  As it turns out, it is a statue of Bishop Fredric Baraga, a Slovenian Roman Catholic missionary born in 1797 who did work studying and publishing information of the Ojibway language along with trying to protect them from relocation movements at the time.  He was referred to as the snowshoe priest due to the great distances he would trek using snowshoes during the harsh winters.


After you pass through the entrance, you pass over a set of railroad tracks before being able to check out the statue and light a candle or the visit the “Holy Store”.  Yes, a “Holy Store”.  Sadly, I have yet to visit and get a coffee from their coffee shop as it has been closed all three times that I have been there now but it has the cutest open and closed sign that is in the shape of a church.



The view the bishop statue has is phenomenal, over looking the bay with a small path you can walk on that loops back around to the statue.




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